Maintain healthy relationships throughout your life!

It all starts with a healthy mind and your attitude towards life! You really need to coach your own thought process and the relationship you have with yourself. If you don't love you, its hard to love other people. It's true...come on just try getting up in the morning and thanking the Lord for the day, no matter how you feel and tell yourself that you are special and you are loved! You have the best father in the universe, he created you to do great things. He who made you, lives in you and when you realize that... it can be really powerful! If you believe and use that information in the right way, it can help with all of your relationships, to make you feel like you are contributing to that union. In essence makes you feel needed and special! Never act your age, why should you? Like my grandpa John told me...I know you think I look old Dona, but inside I still feel like I am your age:) I didn't understand that concept at 17. But at the age of 51, I completely get it! If you live with a young spirit, it will keep you happy and healthy! Laugh, laugh, laugh and never take yourself or anyone else to seriously. If you are light hearted it gives you the ability to connect easily with people and find common ground. Keep everything light!Life can be complicated and we are not sure how things will change tomorrow. Feed yourself with positive information and positive scripture and positive will flow from your very being with ease. Relationships should be a place of grace and not judgment. This will make you the reliable confidant/friend and or grandparent to come to or the perfect place of rest for another soul. Drama is overrated and easy breezy is where you will find rest at the end of the day...Most of the time children and grown ups just need someone to be a good listener. Always be willing to drop the ego, strength is in the power of peace. Dona Richoux~

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